OpenID Delegation with WordPress

Today I was curious about doing OpenID delegation. I wanted to use my blog ( as my OpenID and have it authenticate via another provider. I ended up choosing Google as the other provider, but Launchpad would’ve worked just as well for me, I think.

I found a helpful stackoverflow answer that explained how to Delegate OpenID to Google. Then, I found an OpenID Delegate Plugin for WordPress. It didn’t use the openid2 link names, so I updated the plugin slightly so it provides both the old tags and the new ones; you can download my version 0.2.

Cooler Slushin’? WTF?

I would encourage everyone to visit and listen to her song “Sounds So Good”.

Wait for this gem: “’cause there ain’t nothin’ like the sound of a cooler slushin’ on the bed of your truck.”

Now I actually enjoy a lot of country music, but wow. I just can’t get over how truly bad this line is, both in terms of lyrics and sound.