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Bad Bug Reporting

Here’s a perfect example of behavior that irritates me to the very core: [1589673] Text Color Bug From Alienware

Update: After the Gaim -> Pidgin rename, the old bug trackers were marked private to keep people from filing bugs in the wrong place (which would thus be ignored). For the non-developers, here is the exchange:


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Gaim on Slashdot Again

An article about Gaim hit Slashdot again a few days ago.

You can find the article here: A First Look at Gaim 2.0 []

After several attempts with the comment interface (and three mispostings), I finally created this posting: Various Thoughts

The Slashdot article is here: A First Look at Gaim 2.0 []

In general, when Gaim hits Slashdot, lots of users spend lots of time making lots of comments. Many of these comments represent honest questions, many are completely irritating, and a few can be very insightful.


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