Facebook Blog Importing

I was rather excited to see that Facebook has a (new?) feature where it can import blog posts (from an RSS feed) as notes. However, it’s been nothing but a pain so far. Somewhere between WordPress’s edit box and Facebook, HTML special characters (e.g. ampersands and ASCII quotes) are being double-escaped. It seems to refuse to import stories at random. Perhaps there is some hidden maximum number in a given period of time?

Also, and this is a bit scary, deleting a note and re-importing it seems to keep comments. Does that mean they’re keeping that data forever even if you hit delete, or is this a symptom of distributed caches not being cleared and resulting in data re-population?

Apparently this post was the last straw. When trying to view my notes, I received a warning that I had written too many and was blocked from writing any more. Given that I hadn’t managed to get any new notes to display on Facebook, this must have been for trying the “Update Now” functionality too much. Annoyingly, the FAQ page linked to from the block message said before I was blocked, I was warned. Of course, this was not the case.