TI Calculator Link Cables (2.5mm 2ft)

If you’re looking for a link cable for TI calculators (TI-86, etc.), I’ve got 7 extra in brand-new condition. Specifically, these are 2 ft cables with a right-angle 2.5mm male TRS connector (“phone plug”) on each end. For those of you looking to use this in an audio application, these are “stereo” cables. Email me. I’m looking to get rid of them, so I’d only be charging to cover the cost of an envelope and shipping.

Balanced Budget Amendment

I just sent the following to my representatives in Congress:

I’d love to know your position on a balanced budget amendment.

I’m very disappointed that the debt compromise deal that appears like it will pass does not include a balanced budget amendment. It seems ironic to me that Democrats seem in favor of actually balancing budgets (e.g. under Clinton) but it’s the Republicans that want to mandate it with an amendment.

I have yet to meet any average American opposed to a balanced budget amendment. I understand the position about deficit spending being useful in times of economic recession, but that’s something that can be addressed by a supermajority exception clause.

Even if it doesn’t come up as part of the debt ceiling deal, I encourage you to work towards passing a balanced budget amendment.

Past Due By $0.00? Impossible!

This is the weirdest of coincidences…

Two different people I know have, in the last month, been told by two unrelated financial institutions that they were past due on two of their accounts each. The accounts were of two different types (student loans for one and credit cards for the other). Each account was listed as at least two months past due. In one case, the financial institution even charged late fees.

The unusual part: the financial institutions claimed the account holders were past due by $0.00 (zero dollars and zero cents)!

Neither of these is a small town bank.

P.S. Since I mentioned Wells Fargo in my last post, I should state unequivocally that this post is not about Wells Fargo.