Past Due By $0.00? Impossible!

This is the weirdest of coincidences…

Two different people I know have, in the last month, been told by two unrelated financial institutions that they were past due on two of their accounts each. The accounts were of two different types (student loans for one and credit cards for the other). Each account was listed as at least two months past due. In one case, the financial institution even charged late fees.

The unusual part: the financial institutions claimed the account holders were past due by $0.00 (zero dollars and zero cents)!

Neither of these is a small town bank.

P.S. Since I mentioned Wells Fargo in my last post, I should state unequivocally that this post is not about Wells Fargo.

TSA Stories

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Hulu Desktop Window Size Creep

This work-around has been sitting in my ~/bin for quite a while now, but I thought I should share it with the world…

If you’re using Hulu Desktop on Linux and you find that the window expands every time you go through a maximize/minimize cycle, the following script should help. It deletes the saved size each time you launch Hulu Desktop. Assuming you have ~/bin at the beginning of your PATH, save it as ~/bin/huludesktop. and mark it executable.


# Work around the ever-expanding window bug.
sed -i "/^\(height\|width\|pos_\)/d" .huludesktop

exec /usr/bin/huludesktop "$@"